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At Bend Health and Performance Dr. Hammons has a diverse set of treatment options that he uses depending on what he feels will best suit his patient’s needs and provide the best results.


Chiropractic medicine is a profession based on the relationship between the structure of the spine and the function of the nervous system.

active release technique

Often referred to as the Gold Standard of soft tissue treatment, Active Release Technique (ART) is widely used by professional athletes as well as every day athletes and weekend warriors.

graston technique

The technique utilizes stainless steel instruments designed specifically to detect and effectively treat areas with soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

kinesiology taping

Kinesiology tape is very different from a true athletic tape; it has a built-in elasticity, that when applied correctly, helps to pull the skin away from the underlying soft tissue.

functional rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation and stabilization of injured muscles and joints is necessary for proper healing and the prevention of future injuries.


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